Business Graphs and ChartsYou have found a great business idea and you now think “It is time to settle down and do my business planning for the venture”. What comes to your mind? Most people think of planning for a business as a daunting task and some of them would actually rather not take. They will comfort themselves that it is not compulsory to have such a thing as a plan for one to succeed; after all, it is the idea that matters. That is the first mistake business people make. Continue reading
self-careYou already know what a business vision is and the crucial part that it plays in the success of a company. However, we need to remind ourselves what exactly it is, so we can have a clear mind as we read this through. We said that contrary to what most business people tend to think, a business vision is different from the business goals and objective. It is the larger picture that defines what kind of a company you would like to become, so as to provide lasting solutions. Therefore, the goals and objectives only help you to realise the vision. Continue reading